Common Sense Cremation provides simple, direct cremations at a common sense price.

Common Sense Cremation was founded by local cremation specialists who understand that for many people, the rituals surrounding traditional funerals no longer have meaning. For others, the expense of dealing with a funeral home and cemetery are more than they can afford. They decided to provide a unique alternative that is unlike other cremation service providers.

Common Sense is not like the expensive membership associations, societies, and store-front operations that sell you on their price, but rely on you purchasing more than their minimum advertised rates. We advertise a complete price, nothing hidden, and we provide accurate information and answers to your questions.

Washington has the highest cremation rate in the United States. With more than 75% of families choosing cremation, it is important that you sort through your options and choose a reputable provider who understands your needs. 

For many years only traditional funeral homes provided cremation services. They can offer a broad range of products and service options, but their prices reflect the higher overhead cost of a facility that serves a broad range of needs. Today, there are other types of providers to choose from.

  • Membership societies or associations – these often charge an additional fee in order to get service at a reasonable price. Some have contract relationships with funeral homes that may give you modest discounts.

  • Storefront “alternative” providers – These offer cremation services of course, and they also provide products and services designed to attract your attention and increase your cost. 

  • Virtual, or Internet Based Cremation Services – These providers often have no community presence. They contract for transportation services, and have a contract arrangement with wholesale crematory operations. They sometimes advertise a rock-bottom price that does not include everything required by state law to provide a complete cremation.

We encourage families to use their “common sense” when making the choice of a cremation provider. We think when they do, they will agree that Common Sense Cremation offers key advantages.

  • Common Sense Cremation is affiliated with the crematory. Our company and our associates are responsible for this highly important function.

  • Common Sense offers only choices that are appropriate to a simple direct cremation. You won’t be confronted with aggressive sales tactics and products designed to add expense.

  • Your rights will be respected and your choices will guide our actions